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April / May 2014
January 2015

The team at Hannibal Regional Hospital is consistently striving to pursue initiatives which improve patient outcomes and experiences. In 2011, a Quality Advisory Group, consisting of hospital leadership, Board members and patient care providers, was appointed to advise the Board of Directors on quality and safety, and to propose actions and activities that can assist members of the healthcare team in providing exceptional patient care.

Currently, the Board of Directors has selected Seven Areas of Clinical Improvement on which to focus their attention.

Seven Areas of Clinical Improvement
  • Medication Errors and Reporting
  • Falls Prevention
  • Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers
  • Hospital-Acquired Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
  • Hospital-Acquired Central Line Infections
  • Antibiotic Management
  • Core Measures

A key component of effective Board participation in Quality programs is rounding. Board members participate in rounding through patient care areas with leadership and members of management to create opportunities for dialogue between Board Members and Team Members. Through partnering with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to receive education and training on integrated quality initiatives, the Hannibal Regional Hospital team continues to demonstrate their commitment to taking care of you and your loved ones by ensuring high quality services are provided each and every day.

For more information on quality programs and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.