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Community Betterment

As a not-for-profit healthcare provider, Hannibal Regional Hospital has a clear community centered mission: to provide exceptional healthcare services for a better life.  One of the most tangible measures of Hannibal Regional's value to our communities is the amount of "Community Benefit" we provide annually.  Even in challenging economic times, Hannibal Regional succeeds at fulfilling its healthcare mission and providing responsible stewardship of community healthcare dollars.

The 2010 Missouri Hospital Association Community Investment Report, based on fiscal year 2008 data, spotlights that Hannibal Regional provided $8.4 million in Community Benefit.  This included $1.4 million in charity care for members of our community who are uninsured and lack the ability to pay for care.

Hannibal Regional Hospital also benefits our community in other ways.  Your community hospital paid $50.8 million in payroll and benefits and made investments of $31.5 million in equipment, buildings and land.  That investment has a multiplying effect on local economies in northeast Missouri.

The enabling key to Hannibal Regional's Community Benefit is our not-for-profit status.  Being exempt from certain kinds of taxes allows us to provide benefit directly to communities we serve--and ensures that we have the resources needed to meet the evolving healthcare needs of those communities.

That's real community value--and responsible stewardship in action.

Charity Care Cost
 $1,006,412  $1,370,170
Bad Debt Cost
 $1,946,943  $2,449,880
Uncompensated Care  $2,953,355  $3,820,049
Unpaid Cost of Medicaid Beneficiaries  $1,978,560  $4,175,177
Health Professions Education  $231,957  $296,139

Fiscal year 2009 is based on 2007 data, and 2010 is based on 2008 data.