Services Available

Skilled Nursing Services
  • disease and medication management
  • vital signs and blood sugar management
  • wound care and dressing changes
  • injections and intravenous medications
  • blood and specimen collection
  • catheter or Ostomy care
  • educate the patient, family or caregivers on patient care and the disease process the patient has been diagnosed with
  • coordinate care and interventions with the physicians and therapies involved
Physical Therapy
  • Physical therapy in the home setting focuses on the restoration of normal movement. Therapists evaluate a patient’s strength and potential to return to their previous level of independence
  • gait and balance retraining
  • bed mobility transfer
  • strengthening and therapeutic devices
  • prosthetic devices and braces training
Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational therapists use selected rehabilitative, vocational and educational tasks to restore or enhance physical abilities. These therapists will evaluate the patient’s home living situation and develop a program for self-care aimed at promoting independence and safety in everyday living.
  • eating, dressing and personal hygiene retraining
  • adaptive or customized therapy devices training
Speech Therapy
  • Speech therapists evaluate the patient’s level of ability, provide therapy to improve or relearn speaking and listening skills and when indicated, teaches the patient and family new methods of communication.
  • language and communication retraining
Medical Social Services
  • The social worker performs psychosocial assessment, financial environment assessment and provides counseling and long-range planning.
  • community resource planning
  • financial and emotional counseling 
  • physical environment assessment
Home Health Aide
  • Certified Home health Aides perform specific duties related directly to a patient’s personal care: bath, oral hygiene, skin care, exercises, assist with self-administered medications, feeding when necessary, and perform simple procedures as an extension of therapeutic services.
  • Managing recovery after surgery
  • IV therapy
  • hydration
  • antibiotic therapy
  • total parenteral nutrition
  • Pain management
  • Diet therapy
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